Patent hints at Apple’s hopes of ending blurry photos taken with iPhones

The worst thing that could happen to a photographer is a blurry photo. Now it looks like at least Apple is going to fix blurry photos problem in upcoming iPhone. According to the patent application that has been made public, this works in a way that till the moment you release the shutter, camera will keep on capturing and storing the images in buffer.

Your iPhone will mechanically scan the buffer, rank the pictures taken by considering some useful parameters and present you with the best image out of all while eliminating the ones which are not that great.

This particular Apple patent was filed with USPTP in October 2012 and was titled “Image Capturing Device Having Continuous Image Capture”.

In real sense, the iPhone presents the preview image as usually a delay is seen in digital camera experience when camera shifts from preview mode to full sized image. In most cases, such images are blurry and pixelated. To fix this issue, Apple’s patent buffers the image as soon as it is taken, rates it, and show you the best full resolution image.

Here’s how Apple explained its new tech in the patent application:

“These image capturing devices typically use a preview resolution for capturing a preview image of a scene. Subsequently, a user provides an input to take a photograph. The device switches from preview resolution to full resolution prior to capturing an image.

Switching from preview to full resolution causes a time lag, which may lead to user frustration. Also, camera shake during the time when a user presses a button or touches a touchscreen can degrade image quality.”

This is a must have feature for the iPhone and lets hope it makes its way to iPhone 5S, which is going to get released later this year.


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