Play videos and audio at faster Playback rate using FastForward tweak from Cydia

FastForward tweak for jailbroken iOS devices is now available in Cydia. The tweak allows users to play video and audio files at faster speeds. It supports all the installed apps and can play multimedia files at custom speeds chosen by the users. Although it has tons of other uses as well the FastForward tweak is particularly useful for users who watch lectures or listen to podcasts on their iPhone or other iOS devices. The tweak is customizable and allows users to enable itself for all applications or selective ones from its settings page.

From FastForward tweak’s setting page users can set playback rate by giving a number. The default playback rate is 1 and users can change it according to their desire. Higher number means faster playback rate.

The only negative points of this Cydia app are that it places an icon on the home screen and lacks the functionality of playing videos and audio files at slower playback rate. That functionality would have made it even more useful. FastForward tweak provides a great way to users to save time and listen to lectures and other things at faster speeds to save time.

It is available in Cydia for free under the BigBoss repo. It supports both iOS 5 and iOS 6 firmware versions.

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