iOS 7 concept videos give us a possible glimpse of the future

With iOS 7 coming in next few months designers have started making concept videos of how the new iOS version should be like. These iOS 7 concept videos not only give us a glimpse of the future but also remind us how boring the current interface has become since it has not changed much since the original release of iOS.

We have added some really cool iOS 7 concept videos in this post that feature really nice ideas about the App Switcher, Social Hub, Lock Screen, Notification Center, Widgets and more.

It is expected that Apple will add big changes to iOS 7 in terms of UI to take advantage of the new 4-inch Retina Display found on iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation. With the larger screen iOS now has more real estate and is now capable of displaying more on-screen elements at once than it was before on 3.5-inch display of older devices.

While Apple missed the train in iOS 6, which was perhaps the most controversial iOS update in history due to the new Maps application and lack of new UI changes, iOS 7 update will define the future of iOS and UI changes will play a major role in that.

We have embedded all the iOS 7 concept videos that show how upcoming iOS 7 could be like, have a look.



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