Sunrise Calendar app for iPhone and iPod touch is both useful and beautiful [Review]

New Sunrise Calendar app for iPhone and iPod touch is now available in the App Store for download. Sunrise Calendar follows a new approach in allowing users to manage their day to day tasks and reminders through Google Calendar on their iOS device. The prime factor that you will observe in your first glance of the app is its unique user-interface that features a fresh look and is very intuitive to use. It is an absolutely new experience which is capable of adding convenience in your everyday life and is a great replacement for iOS’s stock

Like Tempo Smart Calendar app for iPhone, Sunrise Google Calendar also has some very attractive features. It has an extravagant outlook, and is absolutely free of cost. For the time being, only Google Calendar is supported and the app requires users to sign in with their Facebook ID, which is kind of annoying – but lucky for us that’s the only annoying feature of this app.

With Sunrise you will have a completely new and much better Calendar experience than the stock solution. One major function that we all seek for in the busy lives of today is Synchronization, and luckily the app has it so all your events are synced accross all your devices through Google Calendar service. You can add the events in your ‘things to do list’ very easily for instant just type “meeting at 9 AM tomorrow” in Quick Add Event and you are good to go. Thanks to its integration with Facebook you can get alerts about events and birthdays of your contacts.

Along with Google Calendar and Facebook the Sunrise Calendar app for iPhone features LinkedIn integration so you can see the faces of your contacts using the images from their profiles. You can get weather updates, no matter what geographical locality you are in as Sunrise Calendar app for iPhone detects your current location (if allowed) and notifies you about weather conditions. Sunrise Google Calendar has very smart icons. You can conveniently tag your location to the events.

The best thing about its app is it’s refreshing UI that brings something new to the table. The split screen experience that shows upcoming events along with calendar that users can tap on to navigate between apps is very intuitive to use. The home button that helps users in returning to current date is also a brilliant idea that saves a lot of time and makes using the app more convenient.

Other features include ability to use Google Maps for directions and option to use multiple Google Calendars at once.

Sunrise Calendar app for iPhone and iPod touch is available for free in the App Store. It does not supports iPad natively.

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