Here’s how Apple’s app of the week helps the app and it’s developer

Recently Infinity Blade, which is a two year old action filled adventure game for iOS was unranked from the list of most downloaded apps of the App Store because it has become old and a newer version is available. However today, the game has become a hit again as it is added in the list of top 5 App Store’s free download ranking. The sudden rise in downloaded numbers occurred because Apple made Infinity Blade it’s app of the week and made it available for free for a limited time from the original price of $0.99.

An interesting fact is that the game is making more profits being free as opposed to last week when it was selling for 99 cents thanks to in-app purchases.

Let’s take help of this AppData chart to see the inside story. Being “App of the Week”, the app starts touching heights of popularity. Apple highlights the app on main page of the App Store on both iTunes and native App Store app on iOS devices and in return the developers makes the app available for free. It is obligatory for the developer to offer app free of cost for a week.

This promotion is also worthy for the game’s sequel “Infinity Blade 2”. It will act as free marketing for the developer Epic. The game costs $7, however its first version being App of the Week is doing good for its predecessor.

Like Infinity Blade 1, the second version also has in-app purchases. The theme point is, converting the game into fermium even for a week is pushing more users to Epic games.

The following chart shows the effect of Infinity Blade 1′s success after become app of the week on Infinity Blade 2.


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