New Apple iWatch patent reveals it could feature a flexible glass display

We have been hearing rumors about Apple releasing an digital watch but now US Patent Office has publicized this Thursday the iWatch patent filed by Apple. The patent features quite clearly hints at Apple’s plans of releasing a device that has been dubbed as iWatch in the media. Considering the iWatch patent application, Apple is focusing on approaches that assimilate flexible elements on design with bi-stable spring, slap on bracelet.

The iWatch patent also reveals Apple’s plans of making the wearable gadget integrated with the iOS devices. According to the patent whenever the device will be connected to mobile, with iPhone for example through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the iWatch will be showing relevant information like missed calls and messages, iPod playlists and controls, and other apps on its flexible display. Apple further said, “The bracelet goes far beyond being a wristwatch. Apple states that with a multitouch display, the user “can accomplish a number of different tasks including adjusting the order of a current playlist, or reviewing a list of recent phone calls. A response to a current text message can even be managed given a simple virtual keyboard configuration across the face of the flexible display.”

Apple also noted in the iWatch patent application that especially for map viewing, a larger display is more desirable. The arm escalated location turns viewing of map a convenient function for a device like this, as the person on travelling can easily relate the information with flip of wrist while searching.

Apple also wants to charge the battery of the device with Kinetic Energy. Here’s how it explains it.

Apple states that the Kinetic energy gathering device noted above in patent figure 5A (# 502) has its advantages. Having the accessory device on an extremity is an ideal location for gathering kinetic energy. The simple motion of a user’s arm or leg allows the accessory device to harness some of that energy for charging battery. The Antenna in patent figure 5A (# 506) is for establishing and maintaining the connection between the bracelet accessory and a portable electronic device such an iPhone. The antenna can be configured to pass data over WiFi, Bluetooth or any other suitable wireless protocol.

Other expected features look amazing as well like nocturnal light for riding of bike, quick map viewing, superb quality video streaming and edge lightning for configuring a colored backlit border.

Although this iWatch patent reveals a lot about the upcoming Apple gadget and has made us extremely excited, it is important to note that despite strong reports and this patent we cannot say with certainty that Apple will release an iWatch this year.


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