iPad 5 case allegedly hints at its iPad mini like design

Apple unveiled the fourth generation iPad just a few months ago and now rumors about the iPad 5 have already started to pour in. The new image has emerged from accessory maker MiniSuit, which has allegedly revealed the design of upcoming iPad 5. The company says that it has developed the case based on details received from a ‘reliable source’.

Observing the cover, it seems like the design of the new iPad 5 will be similar to that of the iPad mini. It was being expected that Apple will bring iPad mini’s widely loved thin design to the larger version and make them look alike in coming generations.

It is common for case makers to have inside information related to the upcoming Apple products however the information coming out from them isn’t always reliable. From a general observation, MiniSuit seems to be first to get hold of this information – although it is said widely that iPad will have an iPad mini like design, no other case maker has published photos for the upcoming products.

It is also expected that Apple would make the upcoming iPad even slimmer and significantly thinner with chamfered edges as seen in the case photos above.

While news related to the iPad 5 are coming in from different sources we are still unclear whether Apple will announce the next generation of iPad in next few months. Usually Apple has followed the release cycle in which it releases the iPad in first half of the year with the exception of iPad 4, which was released in October 2012 along with the iPad mini. Also it is worth mentioning here that Apple recently released the 128GB model of the iPad.


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