Unveil tweak for iPhone and iPod touch adds notification banners to Siri

New Unveil tweak for jailbroken iOS devices is now available in Cydia that changes the behavior of Notification banners while you are in the Siri interface. Usually when you are using Siri on your iPhone or iPod touch, whenever a notification arrives it does not shows up like a banner on your screen as Apple has restricted the banners from appearing in the Siri UI.

So what Unveil tweak does is it enables notification banners for Siri so when you are using the personal assistant on your iOS device you will see notifications normally like you would in any other part of iOS or third party application.

There is nothing to configure in Unveil tweak as it’s sole purpose is to enable notification banners with in the Siri interface in iOS 6.

While I don’t mind not getting banner notifications while using Siri it is a pretty useful tweak for someone looking for that functionality. It works fine and does the job it is intended to do pretty well.

If you want to see notifications while using Siri then install Unveil tweak on your Siri enabled device. It is available for free under the ModMyi repo. It is developed by @SiriFl0w

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