Lockdown Pro tweak now supports iPad, new lite versions also released

One of the biggest complains of iPad users is that many popular jailbreak tweaks do not feature support for their tablet. Well it looks like at least one jailbreak developer is listening as Lockdown Pro tweak now supports iPad. If you are not familiar with Lockdown Pro tweak, it is a tweak for jailbroken iOS devices that allows users to password protect apps and folders of their choice.

The iPad version of the Lockdown Pro tweak is similar to the iPhone version and works in the same way. Users can configure the tweak from Settings and put a password on apps they don’t want others to get access to. Users can even put a password on a folder, which is very convenient as you can put all of your apps that need to be protected in one place without selecting them separately from the settings menu.

The Lockdown Pro has been a paid tweak ever since its release but now the developer has released the lite version of his tweak. The Lockdown Lite feature less options and has advertisements. It is still nice to see developers releasing free versions of their tweaks as it will not only allow users to test a tweak before purchasing but will also be helpful for those who can’t afford or do not want to spend on tweaks for their iPhone and iPad. The Lockdown Pro lite version has all the essential features that are found in the paid version.

The lite versions for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad are available for free. The paid versions of Lockdown Pro tweak for iPad and iPod touch can be purchased from Cydia for $2.99. Both versions are available separately under the BigBoss repo.

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