Disable typing indicator in iMessage app with TypingPrivacy tweak for jailbroken devices

A new Cydia hack called TypingPrivacy tweak for iMessage has been released in Cydia that prevents the app from sending typing notification to user you are chatting with using this stock app. After the message is read, the messenger notifies you, and its indicator signals you when the recipient is typing the messaging. Now to make the things more refined, TypingPrivacy tweak has come up with optimization options. Usually iMessage app shows a typing indicator to let the second user know that you are typing. You can stop this from happening with TypingPrivacy tweak.

In case you are still not clear about TypingPrivacy functions, give a thorough look to the pictures mentioned. After the installation of tweak, the 3 dot icon present in conversation’s last line will not be visible to the recipient. The addition of the function added by TypingPrivacy tweak along with the default ‘Send Read Receipts’ option enhances the privacy of iOS’s stock messenger app. This option is present right above the ‘Send as SMS’ toggle. It is very convenient to turn this toggle on or off from iMessage menu under Settings.app.

This tweak does not changes much in iMessage hence the price tag isn’t justified as well and it is certainly not for me but for those who have been looking for a solution to hide the typing indicator it is pretty useful. It is available for $0.99 at the BigBoss repo of Cydia Store. It runs on both iOS 5 and iOS 6. 

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