Apple’s iOS powered watch to debut later this year, Jony Ive actively involved

Apple is long rumored to be working on a digital wrist watch usually dubbed as iWatch. Now new reports have emerged from different sources that suggest the company might release an iOS powered watch later this year. According to reports the device will be powered by iOS unlike the sixth generation iPod nano that ran an iPod OS that looked like iOS.

Bloomberg reports that the iOS powered watch is being actively developed at Apple with Jony Ive himself working on the project. Ive is said to be working on the iOS powered watch with around 100 engineers working on the project full time. This is not the first time we have heard reports of over 100 Apple engineers working on iWatch but involvement of Jony Ive is something we have heard for the first time.

The considered features of Apple’s iOS powered watch are ability to make calls, use maps, as well as show the name of person calling on the iPhone. Of course the feature of making and receiving calls will be dependent on the paired iPhone. The device is also said to feature a pedometer for counting steps as well as sensors to monitor user’s vital signs including hearth rates and more.

Apple is expected to release the iOS powered watch later this year. The seriousness about this product can be determined by the fact that Apple has already filed at least 79 patent applications that are meant for a device that can be wore on the wrist or involves the work ‘wrist’.

Apple is going to be a big player in the watch industry after releasing the highly anticipated product and could single handedly triple the size of the watch business in the coming years according to Marshal Cohen of NPD Group.

Following Bloomberg’s report TheVerge seems to be confirming revealed information.

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