Add photos and videos in messages faster with QuickPhoto tweak from Cydia

The new QuickPhoto tweak for jailborken iOS devices has been released in Cydia and is available for download. The QuickPhoto tweak lets you add videos and photos in your message composing field directly from local albums and video collection gallery by putting a shortcut for photos in the keyboard. It works just like changing the keyboard to Emoji or any other language.. This adds a really nice feature to iOS, something that we wish was a part of the operating system by default as the current method of iOS is quite complicated.

Once you have completely installed the tweak, QuickPhoto is accessible from keyboard with a simple tap on Globe icon present at the left side of Space bar. In just a single tap, you can load photos in composing of message from your Camera Roll. In case you have installed multiple custom keyboards, turn on QuickPhoto from Settings > Keyboard.

QuickPhoto tweak makes adding photos and videos in messages very simple and significantly reduces the number of steps and time required to do this simple task. iOS requires 5 steps whereas QuickPhoto tweak does the job in 2 steps only.

This jailbreak tweak is compatible with Facebook, Messages, Mail, Messages+, Facebook Messenger, biteSMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and others. Support for more apps will be added in the coming updates.

QuickPhoto tweak needs iOS 6 or later to run. You can get the tweak from BigBoss repo of Cydia Store for $4.99.

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