Use flash with Panorama with Flashorama tweak for iPhone and iPod touch

One of the coolest features Apple added with the release of iPhone 5 is panorama feature. Now Flashorama tweak allows users to take 360 degree photos with flash light of the device on. Panoramas pictures are great fun indeed, but it is a matter of fact that you cannot enjoy capturing the pictures without the perfection of light or miss taking panoramas at darker places, that problem is now solved with Flashorama tweak.

Using the Flashorama tweak is pretty simple, just enter panorama mode after launching the Camera app. In the top left corner of your iOS device’s screen, there should be a new flash button. Tapping on this button turns on the flash light of the device and allows users to take panorama photos with flash.

The tweak has its own menu in the stock and allows users to customize the working of itself. There are some toggles along with their prescribed descriptions for your convenience. For enabling or disabling the tweak, there is ‘Flash-in-Panorama’. The second toggle facilitates you to either turn off the flash automatically after the panorama has been shot or stay on until you turn it off manually.

The Flashorama tweak is available for free in Cydia at the BigBoss repo. Flashorama is compatible with iOS 6 or above in iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G only.

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