The 27-Inch iMac Could Be Succeeded By Mac Studio Or Apple Studio Display

Apple discreetly canceled the Intel-powered 27-inch iMac shortly after its “Peek performance” event on Tuesday, during which the company announced the Mac Studio and 27-inch Studio Display. This has some people wondering if we’ll see a new bigger iMac any time soon, or if the current 24-inch model is as big and powerful as it gets for the time being. “With only one more product to go: Mac Pro,” remarked John Ternus, SVP of hardware engineering, after announcing the Mac Studio and Studio Display at Apple’s spring presentation.

27-Inch iMac May Be The Last One That Apple Releases

Some took the remark to mean that Apple considers the Mac Studio and Studio Display to be logical successors for the 27-inch iMac. Indeed, Apple has told MacRumors that existing 27-inch model users who want to upgrade should check at its separately provided Studio products, while the 24-inch model is still accessible for those who want an all-in-one experience.

Apple also apparently confirmed to Ars Technica this week that the 27-inch model had “reached the end of life,” which might be seen as another nail in the coffin for Apple’s 27-inch iMac.

Last month, renowned display expert Ross Young predicted that a Pro version might be released as early as summer 2022. Young now believes that the 27-inch mini-LED screen Apple is working on is a Studio Display Pro. It will be released in June alongside Apple’s new Mac Pro. Whether or not the 27-inch model rumors are true, those who can’t wait that long and want a top-of-the-line, large-screen Mac may couple a $1,999 Mac Studio with a $1,599 Studio Display, albeit this will cost nearly twice as much as the cheapest 27-inch iMacs.