Control the behavior of Photo Stream uploads with iControlPhoto tweak

A new tweak called iControlPhoto changes the upload behavior of Photo Stream. iCloud and Photo Stream are superbly fantastic features of iOS. Both of these have become even more useful after iOS 6, and those of you who have more than one iOS Device can save a lot of time and effort with this automatic media syncing. However one thing that many Photo Stream users dislike is that they do not have absolute control over photo sharing and what is being uploaded to their personal photo stream. iControlPhoto allows to deal with your Photo Stream as per your choice and preferences. With this tweak you can control what should be uploaded and what not including the screenshots.

iControlPhoto is configurable from the Settings. The purpose of ‘MainSwitch’ is to enable or disable the tweak. Functions defined by iControlPhoto are performed by toggles located under ‘SubSwitch’. You cannot share images over Photo Stream if the ‘Upload’ is disabled. So you need to push them yourself to enable the feature. If you are concerned about storage capacity of your iPhone, ‘Download’ toggle facilitate you to select the photos your interest manually.

‘Screenshot’ option is a real attraction in iControlPhoto. With the options provided by toggle, Photo Stream lets you filter out screenshots from the process of uploading. This feature is functional if the Upload toggle is ‘ON’.

iControlPhoto is available for $2 in BigBoss repo of Cydia store. Both iOS 5 and iOS 6 support iControlPhoto.

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