Monitor your car’s on-board diagnostics on iPhone using Automatic Link

Now you can manage the on-board diagnostics right from your iPhone with the newly announced hardware dongle Automatic Link. Along with the basic on-board diagnostic features like speeding, braking and quick acceleration by making Automatic Link to the data port of your car, this accessory which is accompanied by a dedicated app updates you automatically about crashes, engine’s performance as well as your vehicle location.

Let’s have a look on the working of Automatic Link. The app communicates with the car’s on-board computer and takes help from your smartphone’s GPS and data plan. The Automatic Link works with almost all cars released after 1996. 

Further Automatic Link can rank your driving from 0-100, and thus give an unbiased feedback. This ranking is based on criteria of fuel efficiency, smooth acceleration and brakes. It also tells you about your destination, and how much it can cost you to reach a particular place. It reminds you about your car parking using the GPS so that you are saved from hassle of car finding incase you forgot where you parked it. More importantly Automatic Link calls 911 incase your car has a crash. It detects crashes with the help of accelerometer.

Automatic Link is available for $69.99 at company’s website for pre-order. The shipments and companion app are most probable to arrive in May. You can check your vehicle’s compatibility and learn more about it on the official page.

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