Leaked Youtube video shows upcoming features of Google Now for iOS

Last year an update brought a stripped down version of Google Now for iOS thanks to which iOS users were able to partially enjoy Android’s personal assistant. Now it seems like Google is going to make the Google Now for iOS a little more powerful by adding the Cards feature found exclusively on Android right now. This was revealed in a video that allegedly reveals the unreleased feature of Google Now for iOS.

The video was posted on Youtube and was eventually pulled but not before a sharped eye Engadget reader spotted and downloaded it. The Google Now showed in the video displayed information related to user’s activities just like it does on Android including the traffic reports, flight information, currency conversion cards and more. The interface of Google Now for iOS has also been changed slightly according to the video and users will be able to initiate it after launching the app and swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Along with using the voice assistant like usual they will see cards with information such as weather reports.

Of course this could be a cleverly made fake but the video looks pretty convincing to us. If its true the new features of Google Now for iOS might arrive in the official Google Search app soon.

The video leaked on Youtube can be found below courtesy of Engadget and its tipster.

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