Force videos to play in landscape mode with LandscapeVideos tweak [tip]

A new Cydia tweak called LandscapeVideos is available for jailbroken devices that enables users to change the behavior of video playback. The most annoying thing faced by the iOS Users while watching videos is the way it get stuck on portrait mode because the rotation lock on iPhone is enabled. However, you can save yourself from this hassle by downloading the recently released LandscapeVideos tweak. Without considering the fact that rotation lock is enabled or disabled, this tweak pushes your iPhone or iPod touch to play the video in the landscape mode right after you play it.

This is indeed a big relief if you are addicted to watching videos on your iPhone and annoyed by manually enabling or disabling the orientation lock. Thanks to LandscapeVideos the video playback becomes independent of orientation lock so you can use it like normal in other areas of iOS.

To get started with the LandscapeVideos tweak, you need to be aware of few settings in preference panel of tweak. In this panel, there is a general kill switch, along with the options of limiting when the tweak is working. You have primarily two options. Either the tweak will make the landscape mode ‘ON’ when the rotation lock is enabled or can have it enabled every time. It is pretty simple to configure and use.

The LandscapeVideos tweak is available in Cydia for free under the Bigboss repo. It supports iOS 6.

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