Patent reveals iPad Smart Cover might soon become its wireless charger

No matter what Apple’s competitors are thinking about Apple’s international market share, its antagonism with Android, the instability of stock prices, etc, Apple is always focused on innovation and setting trends in the market in terms of technology. A recently known patent application has been shown up signaling that the company has arrangements to make its most wanted tablet computer even more attractive.

The newly discovered patent application reveals that the iPad Smart cover might be used for more than just protection. Apparently it will be having the same foldable design which makes it best adjusted in the current Smart Cover. The new thing is, as described by the patent is the Smart Cover will be wirelessly charge the device using inductive charging mechanism. The patent has also briefly described the working; it says that it will charge the iPad in display position or in closed position.

This report is not giving authentic and credible information about Smart Cover at moment, but considering the everyday increasing fame of wireless charging, this release must not be a surprise for us and might become an important selling point of iPad 5 that is expected in next few months. We are expecting that Apple will be using same Qi inductive power standard in its wireless charging functionality like many others. [9to5Mac]

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