DirectionBar tweak adds an interactive compass in iPhone’s status bar

DirectionBar tweak adds interactive compass in iPhone and iPod touch’s status bar. The Status Bar of iPhone by default shows the battery status, iPhone’s signal reception and the time and date. However through customizable options available to jailbroken devices, you can attain many other functions. The recently released DirectionBar tweak adds a fantastic feature that can assist while finding directions. Let’s suppose you are lost somewhere, and want to get instant way in to directions. At that time launching an app like Sygic might be time consuming and non practical, but DirectionBar tweak can be a big help.

It simply adds a compass needle to the status bar of your device. It signals the North in real time and without wasting a second, starts responding to changes made in your iPhone orientation using its built-in sensors.

The tweak is very user-friendly. You can theme the compass needle very easily because of the menu added by the tweak in the Settings app. The DirectionBar tweak facilitates you to alter the compass needle look by making theme selection in the bottom bar. By default there are nine themes, however if you crave for more, you can search the DirectionBar icons in the Cydia store and download them. You can also create an icon yourself for DirectionBar tweak by designing an image in PNG format, with retina or non retina versions.

You need to respring your iOS device so as to make final applications after making changes in the DirectionBar menu. Considering the tweak’s instruction suggested by developers of DirectionBar tweak, the needle of compass is updated in real time, however when you take your iPhone out of lock screen or with violent movements of device, the needle’s orientation becomes slow to change.

DirectionBar is available absolutely free of cost at the BogBoss repo of Cydia store.

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