Cyueue tweak adds queuing function to iOS’s stock music player

iOS’s stock music player app is perhaps one of its most popular app among users of iPhone and iPod touch. It has been proved to be an amazing app indeed and with iOS 6 it became even better, but no doubt it was lacking a very essential feature. This was ‘to arrange the songs in queue or so without going through the hassle of creating play list’. Most recently Cydia founder Jay Freeman AKA Saurik has come up with Cyueue tweak that is answering the only problem in iOS Music player.

The tweak is named as “Cyueue”, which has come from two words; Cydia and Queue. With just a couple of taps, you can easily queue the songs in Music app. Let’s see how the app works. When there is music being played in the background, tapping the song will show you three options; “Play Now”, “Play Next” and “Play Later”.

If you instantly want to play a song, “Play Now” will be the appropriate option for you. With “Play Next” and “Play Later”, you can add the songs in active playlist “Cyeueu”. “Play Next” makes the songs entry at the top of list, and “Play Later” as the name depicts adds songs at the end of list. For quick play and queuing, you can double tap the left, middle and right of songs title. After every music session, Cyueue clears the list.

Cyeueu is very interesting and useful tweak; especially of you are using your iPhone as a mini jukebox in friends hang out or get together. It can be used to play random songs of user’s choice without the need of creating a play list.

Cyueue is available at Cydia for $2.49.

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