RaiseToCall tweak makes calling simpler from within the Messages app

These days it is indeed great fun to make calls from Messages app. All you need to do is to go to Status bar and scroll to the conversation top and tap the “call” button. This whole procedure is very simple and easy, but still the jailbreak community is considering how to go about the process even quicker. Well, the newly released RaiseToCall tweak from Cydia is the answer.

Developer Kaushal Tridevi has created this RaiseToCall tweak, which facilitates you to make calls from within the Messages app. You might have catch the idea by name RaiseToCall, that while messaging with a person, raise up your phone and start having a telephonic conversation with him. This feature is similar to the one found on Samsung’s Galaxy devices.

There are no settings or Springboard icons attached to the tweak. It works in an amazingly interesting way. If you have installed the tweak completely, you are done with everything. Simply hold your phone to ear while having an active conversation with a contact, and the phone will start dialing the number.

Gladly the tweak works as it commits. The good thing is BiteSMS is also supported by the tweak. As a safety precaution, the tweak automatically disables or ends the call when the iOS Device in landscape mode. This way you can get rid of accidental call.

The RaiseToCall tweak is available for $1.99 at Cydia BigBoss repo.

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