FaceDetectionDuringVideo tweak enables face detection feature in video recording mode

FaceDetectionDuringVideo is an oddly named tweak that adds a nice functionality to iOS. The face detection feature of of iOS devices is great when taking photos of yourself or a group of people as it focuses on the face of the person and makes the picture more clear and meaningful. However this feature is not available during video recording mode. Many times it happens that we start recording video in friends get together and hang outs, and often miss out the point of focus while making video. Those are the moments in which it is not even possible for to stay focused, as your focus is at many sides.

To counter this problem, there is a new feature of face detection but it is only enabled for photos by default. This feature lets the iPhone iSight camera to emphasis the most prominent face in frame, while maintaining the balance of camera exposure up to 10 faces. This feature is now functional in both still camera and for video recording in iPhone thanks to the FaceDetectionDuringVideo tweak.

By default while video recording that the face detection works only former to actual filming. So it works in a way that you camera starts detecting faces before hitting the shutter in video mode, and cannot work afterwards. To eliminate this limitation, FaceDetectionDuringVideo is of great benefit. This feature lets you detect the faces even when you are in mid way of video shooting.

If you are addicted to shooting videos of people in groups, then FaceDetectionDuringVideo is must have tweak for you. It is supported by iPhone4S, iPod touch 5G, iPad 4, iPhone 5 and iPad mini and is available at BigBoss repo for free.

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