Rejuvenate Your iPhone 4 with this simple kit

You just dropped your iPhone 4 and sent it hurdling towards the concrete. Your immediate reaction is to freak out and check the phone, only to discover you have chipped the casing or ever cracked or damaged the once glorious touchscreen. In this situation, some people will panic and start making plans for a new iPhone or ready themselves to deal with the fact they damaged their own phone. There are situations that occur in which your iPhone may seem beyond repair, but they can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of a new iPhone, and you won’t have to wait for a repair shop to call you back.

It is now easier than ever to rejuvenate your Apple smartphone with an iPhone 4 Color Conversion Kit. These repair kits include very thing you need to swap out the old front faceplate with the entire touchscreen system and replace it with a high quality replacement parts. Each kit contains a custom colored faceplate with brand new Digitizer and LCD screen assembly as well as matching home buttons and front mounted cameras. These kits are much more than simple facelifts.

If your iPhone 4 screen is cracked, then understand it is not impossible to fix. One of the most simple things that you could do is to purchase a Color Swap Kitsto give your device a new look while replacing the screen. Best of all these kits cost less than the price of some cases! Even if you do not have anything to repair on your iPhone 4, these kits are outstanding for people who want to customize their phones and get a one of a kind look.

Many people hear the words ‘repair kit’ and instantly think they would be better off purchasing a new iPhone. Stop right there! These repair kits were designed by a team of iPhone repair experts to make it easy for you to complete at home. This means that everything has been simplified to make it much easier for the average Joe. Each kit contains a customize tool set to help you make your repairs without causing any further damage. Repair kits give you tools that you can use long after you have fixed your iPhone, so that the prying tools and customized screwdrivers can be used to repair your other Apple gadgets.

The final outstanding thing about iPhone repair kits is that it teaches you a priceless skill. When you know how to repair your iPhone, you are not forced to go out and buy a new one every time it breaks, and you can keep your device running perfectly for years to come, never mind you can keep it looking it’s best as well! You just might end up doing a couple repairs for family and friends.

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Michael Sanduso has had a number of Apple gadgets over the years, and has always sought out different repair and customization options. Thanks to the help of an iPhone 4 Color Conversion kit, you would think his iPhone is brand new and in his blogs he debates the best places to get these amazing iPhone repair parts.

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