Apple adds ‘Offers In-App Purchases’ tagline in iTunes and App Store description pages

‘Offers In-App Purchases’ warning is the recent addition in the App Store description that uses the feature of downloading paid content from Apple’s servers upon user’s request. Apple has added this new tagline in the iTunes page of the app as well as in the App Store description page on the native iOS app. If you wish to see this addition yourself, go to pertinent applications in App Store or iTunes and find the option just underneath the Buy/Free tab.

This addition by Apple has been made as a result of many children are running monster iTunes bills, without their parents’ permission through in-app purchases. In the beginning of March, a UK based under aged boy spent $1300 in purchasing virtual donuts.

About the ‘Offers In-App Purchases’ tagline by Apple, The Guardian has reported that, “Apple has made a small but significant change to iOS app listings on its App Store, adding a prominent “Offers In-App Purchases” line for freemium apps on its store.

Apple confirmed to The Guardian that the message is a new addition to the App Store. Its location – directly below the icon and “Free” button on each app’s page – makes it even easier for people to identify that an app uses in-app purchases (IAP) before downloading it.”

The report highlights the fact as it its much expected in near future that parents will be able to filter out the applications their children go through in-app purchases while browsing the App store and they could only download apps for their children that do not offer this feature.

Since the release of iAP feature back in 2009, Apple has faced many problems. It also added safeguard in iOS 4.3, but it’s still not an easy job to refund $1000-$2000 iTunes bills. Most recently, it was pushed to class action lawsuit settlement.

Apart from the above mentioned facts, it is more a duty of parents to keep an eye on their children than Apple.

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