Skip the lockscreen slider with SkipLock tweak for jailbroken devices

SkipLock tweak is a newly released Cydia hack for jailbroken devices that lets you bypass iPhone’s lockscreen. If you do not like to “slide to unlock” thing in your iPhone, and consider it a big hassle and waste of time then simply install SkipLock. You will be directed to Home screen right away when you click the home or power button.

The SkipLock feature can make the use of iOS devices far quicker for those who don’t use passcode and are not concerned about their device getting unlocked while in pocket. This is meant for people who want to save their time as much as possible.

The famous jailbreaker, Filippo Bigarella is behind the SkipLock tweak. The SkipLock tweak is available on Flippo’s repo ( in Cydia for free. Also, for those of you who use Passcode on your iOS Device, the tweak will not bypass the passwords, you just do not have to ‘slide to unlock’ but have to enter the password directly. It is supported by iOS 6 or above.

SkipLock tweak is a nice addition to the ever growing list of iOS tweaks for jailbroken devices and actually does something useful for those who are looking for such functionality.