Twitterific 5.2 brings push notifications, other new features and many improvements

Twitterific client for iOS has received a major update in the App Store recently that brings many cool features to the popular Twitter client. The most notable of the new features added is the Push notifications feature, which is currently in beta and is rolling out to groups of 1,000 users in the coming weeks. It is safe to assume that first 1,000 spots have already been filled but don’t worry as Twitterific is bringing this feature to more users eventually.

Apart from push notifications feature Twitterific client for iOS now also includes ability to show users banners on profile pages. Another new features included to the app enables users to share discussions via email or Storify service from within the app.

The Twitterific version 5.2 also adds a number of improvements to the application including UI twaeks, Droplr thumbnails in timeline, addition of 200 tweets in timeline making the total capacity of showing 400 tweets to 600, new compose shortcut and more. You can find the detailed improvements and bug fixes in the bullet points below.

Twitterific app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is available for $2.99 from the link below. The update is available for free.

Download Twitterific



• Added Droplr thumbnails to the timeline
• Text size of muffled items scales according to theme settings
• The timeline can now display up to 600 tweets (was 400)
• Additional actions, like muffling, are available when avatars are hidden
• New compose shortcut: type “@” after username to prevent autocomplete
• Load more button now animates while loading new tweets in the timeline
• Improved behavior when restoring selected timeline with multiple accounts
• Improved formatting when emailing a tweet or group of tweets
• Improved performance when rotating display on iPhone/iPod
• Improved display performance when muffling many items
• Multiple in-app notifications no longer overlap
• Various changes to make VoiceOver less verbose
• Various other UI tweaks


• Mobilizer view can now display before page finishes loading
• Fixed problems where some web pages would display “Loading…” indefinitely
• Timeline syncing no longer causes the timeline to jump around while scrolling
• Fixed issues that caused the timeline to automatically scroll to the top
• Avatar button no longer flashes when dismissing a photo or modal view
• Fixed crashes that occurred when muffling a tweet that was already muffled
• Text entered on the compose screen no longer overlaps the reply reference text
• Fixed a crash that could occur when reaching the end of the timeline
• Replying to a retweet now puts usernames in the proper order
• Removed Img.ur thumbnails because they don’t always match the linked image
• Various other crash fixes

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