Google rules Apple’s App Store with Google Maps and Youtube apps

Apple iOS’s biggest competitor is Google’s Android and same is true vice versa but despite the fierce rivalry between the two platforms Google offers most of its popular online services to Apple mobile users and even has released dedicated applications for the platform. Now in an ironic turn of events Google has taken top two spots in the non-games category of Apple’s iOS App Store. These apps include Youtube and Google Maps. Interestingly both of these apps were part of iOS until iOS 6 when Apple pulled them from every iOS device shipped afterwards or running iOS 6 due to the end of an agreement between the two giants. 

Apple tried to replace Google Maps with its own Maps service dubbed as Apple Maps on its iOS powered devices but that service hasn’t been able to become a hit among map users due to inaccuracies and lack of features when compared to Google’s solution.

More ironically Google which holds top two positions in Apple’s App Store recently lost the top most downloaded app title to Facebook on its own Google Play store for Android powered devices.

Other Google made apps on iOS are popular too with Gmail, Google Search and other apps constantly coming in top rankings of the store. On the other hand Apple’s own iOS applications most of which are paid haven’t been able to secure the top rankings when it comes to download rankings for much longer. [via/source]

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