Cydia alternative design concept reminds us how ugly is Cydia’s current design

For most jailbreakers Cydia is an app that they use as much as they use the App Store on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. As much as we love Cydia it is an unfortunate fact that the store has not changed much since it was launched and just like iOS it has stayed the same from many years. As we are seeing new concepts telling us how iOS 7 will be like a designer has shared how a redesigned Cydia UI could look like. The UI he has made seems like a marriage between the App Store app and Tweetbot – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The design user Newar shared on Dribble is worth having a look at and we wouldn’t mind if it becomes a reality.

If someone from Cydia is listening we would love to have a Cydia redesign along with the release of iOS 7. Let us know of you thoughts about this design in the comments section below. [via]

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