2nd generation AirPods in 2022, is it worth it?

Why change what works?

I received the second generation AirPods with great enthusiasm. It is true that It’s not Apple’s newest product in 2022, since there are generations above these small wireless headphones. However, he was very happy to leave wired headphones for good and of course, being an Apple user, he wanted to finally migrate to AirPods.

There are several reasons why I bought this type of device, where I mainly highlight three: it is portability, sound and price. As for their portability, no one doubts it, since they have a very small size with a more than enough battery that allows them to be enjoyed for two or three days with intense use.

Second, regarding your sound, it works correctly where surely there is consensus throughout the technological community. It is true that it does not have the sound quality of headband headphones, but this type of headphone does not have that goal and the Noise Cancellation it’s practically non-existent, but if you’re looking for a device with noise cancellation, you have the third generation AirPods or AirPods Pro at a much higher price and with features that would rival over-ear headphones.

Finally, regarding your priceIt is true that they have a high price, but equally, they are the best option within the value for money option, integrating perfectly into the Apple ecosystem and with its lights, which are many, but very few shadows beyond those that do not include and if they include the top range of AirPods.

Is it worth buying AirPods in 2022?

I really wanted to buy this device, since I had never had AirPods and it was the first time that I had this type of Apple headphones. However, if he previously had a few fourth generation sony which have incredibly good sound and outstanding noise cancellation and perhaps that was one of the problems the first days I started using them, that they didn’tThey didn’t have active noise cancellation or spatial audio. However, once you are aware of its limitations and if your use is adapted to minimize its flaws, it is a team with more advantages than limitations.

AirPods 2

One of the reasons why I bought the headphones is to go for a run and walk my dog, where at first, traffic noise could be a problem. However, when moving through public parks and areas where there is less traffic, you practically forget that it does not have the possibility of canceling noise.

To conclude, to the question of “Would I buy them again and are they still worth it?” The answer is yes, but with nuances, since you have to be aware of its limitations, but it is not an essential negative aspect to avoid acquiring it again. In this sense, it reminds me a bit of the Mac mini. Both are SUVs, but they are not Formula 1.