Add text bubbles and captions to your photos with Photo Notes Pro app

Photo Notes Pro app for iOS devices allows users to add text bubbles, captions, and emoticons to their photos and also helps users in creating innovative photo collages. You can add funny captions to your friend’s photos and share them on Facebook right from your iPhone or iPad. You can also add caption about the place, date or occasion at which you took the photo using this application.

The design elements of the app are customizable and you can change the fonts, colors, and style of your text to make them suit the background of your picture. With Photo Notes Pro app you can also create photo collages and clip them together in a number of ways. The app has built in smileys and arrow shapes that can directly be added to your photos.

The app comes with social sharing options so that you can share your work with friends by emailing them or posting images on your Facebook account.

Features of Photo Notes Pro app for iOS include:
* Add thought bubbles, speech bubbles, and text shapes to photos
* Combine photos into photo collages
* Add borders and drop shadows to shapes
* Add stock clipart to photos
* Add colorable clipart to photos
* Control text, font, style, background color, opacity, and brightness
* Adjust the transparency of a shape for a watermark effect
* Choose from dozens of fonts
* Publish images via in-app email, save them to the iOS Photo Album, or upload to Facebook
* Works in portrait or landscape orientation
* Zoom and scroll any image
* Choose an image from the Photo Library or use the device’s camera from within Photo Notes
* Rotate shapes 360 degrees
* Re-size shapes from all four corners – words wrap and resize automatically
* Drag the pointer to move speech or thought bubbles and create text
* Use the copy tool for an efficient way to create multiple shapes
* Get assistance from comprehensive help screens with demo videos
* Change default settings in application Settings

Photo Notes Pro app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can be downloaded from the App Store for $0.99 here

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