This is how your next iPhone could look like [iPhone 5 mockup]

If the rumors are to be believed then Apple’s next iPhone will look like something seen in the picture above. Based on rumors that have been circulating around the web from last few months Ben Miller decided to create real mockup of iPhone 5. This mock up exactly looks like the mockup images of imaginative iPhone 5s’ we have been seeing around the web, but the only difference here is that this one exists in real life.

Ben Miller took a piece of aluminum block and glass, and created this model or should we say a dummy that show us how iPhone 5 could look like. This mock features iPad 2/iPod touch 4 like design and a larger button.

This model by Ben Miller is 6.86mm thick from above and 5.33mm thick at the bottom. As you can see in the image below this new mock is significantly thinner than the iPhone 4 let alone iPhone 3GS.

Apple is holding its ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ on October 4 and only then we will be able to know how exactly this new iPhone will look like. Embedded below is the video of this design prototype by Ben Miller.


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