5 Lesser-Known Ways to Use USB-C on iPhone 15

5 Useful Ways to Use USB-C on iPhone 15

Charge other devices with your iPhone

Until last year, the iPhone was largely limited to the Lightning port, which only served to charge the device. However, with the incorporation of USB-C in the new iPhone 15 models, new doors are opening. In addition to faster and more efficient charging, we can now use the iPhone to charge other devices, such as a second iPhone, AirPods or even an Android phone. This process, known as reverse chargingallows your iPhone to automatically adjust charging based on the battery of the connected device.

Data transfer and storage

The new iPhone 15 Pro, as we know, is known for its ability to record high-quality videos, but the storage limitation has always been a challenge for users who have wanted to exploit this feature to the fullest. With USB-C on the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro series, we can now connect external storage devices, such as SSD or SD cards, to record and store videos directly on them. This allows us to record longer and larger videos without worrying about running out of storage space. Plus, the data transfer speeds are fast and makes moving files between your iPhone and other devices much more efficient.

Connect a “Hub” with different ports to your iPhone

A USB-C hub is a useful tool/accessories that allows you to connect and use multiple types of devices at the same time. This is, perhaps, one of the most interesting applications of the USB-C port on the iPhone 15. Since Ethernet cables for fast downloads to HDMI cables to connect your iPhone to an external display without AirPlay support. You can also use it to transfer files with an SD card and, of course, to charge your iPhone simultaneously.

The possibilities are endless, and as time goes on, more USB-C accessories designed specifically for the iPhone 15 will likely be released, further expanding your options and capabilities.

Connect an external microphone

Audio quality is essential for content creators, whether for YouTube videos or podcast recordings. Although the iPhone has an excellent camera, the built-in microphone may not be enough, especially in noisy or outdoor environments.

Thanks to the USB-C port on the iPhone 15, we can now connect an external microphone to improve the audio quality in our recordings. Whether you’re creating professional content or simply want to improve the quality of your calls and voice recordings, this is a feature worth exploring. Surely from now on we will see more than one podcaster using this function.


Connect an external keyboard

Why would we want to connect an external keyboard to your iPhone? Although this is not a necessity for everyone, it can be helpful If you want to turn your iPhone into a “computer” bridging a lot of distance. If you use a hub with different outputs, you can connect your iPhone to an external monitor and use the keyboard and mouse as if it were an iPad.

This way you could compose emails, write documents or send messages more comfortably.

In short, the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 opens up a world of new possibilities and uses. This device is no longer just an iPhone or any smartphone, but becomes a more versatile tool that can charge other devices, serve as a workstation and improve audio quality and overall efficiency. As more USB-C accessories specific to the iPhone 15 are developed, the possibilities will continue to expand.