5 mistakes when buying an iPhone at Christmas

There are fewer and fewer days left for the Three Kings to determine if we have been good in the last year or if we deserve coal. Regardless of this, we have to write the letter to the Three Wise Men and the Apple products are one of the products that receive the most requests.However, before writing the letter we have to analyze what are the main errors What can we do when ordering an iPhone for Christmas?

You analyze the offer and ask yourself: Do you really need it?

At Christmas there are many offers available and financing options for devices, especially those that They have not had good sales in the first few months of release, want to remove Stock Or they want to focus their sales on the more premium ranges, such as the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, which have higher expectations than the iPhone 14 series.

Before renewing the device, you have to ask yourself what is the real reason for its change and what is the use that you generally give to your mobile device, since on many occasions we do not get all the performance of the cameras or the processor, so that it is not necessary to buy the latest or highest-end devices from Apple. If you are a user who uses your mobile for very everyday use, the iPhone 13 or 12 Pro may be a very interesting device due to its quality and price ratio.

The ideal product can be after Christmas

Many of us already know that Apple has product supply problems due to the situation of the Covid-19 in China, where many factories have had to stop or paralyze part of their production, the consequence of which is the absence of iPhones in the Apple Store or Premium Reseller. To all this, we have to add that the models that reach drop accounts, may be already reserved and if you reserve it, it may arrive several months later of your purchase.

iPhone 13

As a consequence of this, many users will not receive their device until after Christmas, so it is interesting to wait until the market returns to its production levels and buy your ideal device and not buy one. “similar” because the one you are looking for is not available or it is not known when it will arrive in Stock. Remember, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 have a completely different market segment, so they are not “similar”

Beware of scams and buy products with a guarantee

Many users go to the second-hand market as Wallapop or milanuncios to buy an iPhone at a lower price because he considers that it is not necessary to make a large outlay. However, you have to be very careful because you can be victim of a scam by the seller, either because the product is broken or has defects which are not appreciated at first.

iPhone 12

In the event that you notice that the device or the buyer are not trustworthy, discard this one and choose another buyer that has the same device that you are looking for or that interests you and that complies with the security and trust measures that you are looking for in the deal. You can also go to second-hand pages that offer a guarantee for damage or defects such as Fnac, BlackMarket or Amazon itself. It is true that the price that you will find in these devices will be much higher than in the platforms mentioned above, but you will be sure that it is a product that meets the minimum quality criteria so that the experience user is satisfactory.