5 new features of macOS that we could see at WWDC

After the announcement of the WWDC by Apple for next June, the rumors have already begun to surface and, above all, the wishes of the users for the new versions of the operating systems that the Cupertino company will present in this developer conference. In this post we are going to talk specifically about macOS, and the possible improvements that version 13 could bring.

Possible new features of macOS

If there is an operating system that is characterized by its stability and smooth operation, that is macOS. Surely this is caused by the slight changes that the Cupertino company is introducing, always prioritizing the user experience of a software that many professionals use daily to be able to carry out their tasks. However, this does not mean that there are no aspects to polish and functions that many users ask for to make the experience even more complete. Here are 5 ideas that, with greater or lesser probability, Apple could present at WWDC for macOS.

  • One of the great novelties of recent years in both iOS and iPadOS has been the widgets. These are present in macOS but in a very different way. For this reason, it is possible that the Cupertino company is considering giving users the possibility of insert the widgets also on the desktop of the computer itself.
  • We continue talking about widgets, and this desire is surely shared for both macOS and iOS and iPadOS. It’s about doing the interactive widgetssince currently the “only” thing they are used for is to display information, but you cannot interact with them, for this you have to enter directly into the application itself.

  • One of the functions that some competing manufacturers have, such as Huawei, is the possibility of projecting that brand’s smartphone on the computer screen itself. can you imagine have the iPhone on the Mac screen and be able to control it with both your keyboard and your mouse?
  • Without a doubt, something that Apple has to improve, also immediately and very deeply, is Siri. While we always think of Apple’s assistant for assistant tasks, have a more proactive Siri on the Mac could help many users to perform tasks at a higher speed, increasing their productivity considerably.
  • Finally let’s talk about an aesthetic aspect, and it is the dark mode. When we choose this display mode on Apple computers, the reality is that the predominant color is not really black, but a rather dark gray. Many users ask and want dark mode be really darkmaking black the predominant color throughout the system.

WWDC 2022

These are just some of the possible innovations that Apple could present at WWDC for the operating system that all the company’s computers use. However, you have to know that these are just rumors and ideas that have emerged on a hypothetical macOS 13, since in order to really know what will arrive we will have to wait for that June 6th.