5 reasons why Spotify is better than Apple Music

The variety of prices

Despite the fact that both have similar price rates and both have a student discount, Spotify has two very interesting price options where Apple cannot compete because it is not its growth policy. Specifically, we are referring to the free accounts with ads that it is focused for those users who do not want to pay to have to listen to music and that, instead, Spotify includes periodic announcements of different albums or singles and a direct link to them.

Another very interesting option is the DUO option, where for a lower price, you can have two Spotify accounts for couples. At Apple, the only option available is the Family plan, which is more expensive, but with more devices where you may not get the full potential, since you only need two accounts, not four and at a higher price.

Music Discovery and Album Reviews

Spotify offers many more useful tools to find songs or versions newly launched that suit your tastes. The ability to have custom playlists like “your weekly discovery” they provide a fantastic opportunity for users to access new artists or bands that they would not discover on their own.

Along with the possibility of accessing new weekly discoveries, on Spotify it is much easier to find out a little more about the latest albums released by your favorite bands, since it includes the option to “comments”, where the artists make a brief comment of less than a minute of what the song means for the band or how the composition process was. This allows you to get much closer to the band and analyze the songs from a different perspective.

musical programs

Spotify seeks to make its service more and more complete and proof of this is that it has recently presented the “original programs”where they talk about different music themes, from musical trends of past decades either record label interviews to talk about the process of «disc composition».

spotify offline

The Swedish platform states that you can also create your own programs own through the tool «Anchor», which makes it possible for any user to create a music program talking about music and for listeners to give their opinion or listen to opinions or analysis. It’s an interesting way for small labels to help grow and for bands to talk in depth about their album.


Although Apple has its own Podcast app, Spotify integrated the possibility of being able to listen to podcasts within its own application in 2015, being one of the fields that have grown the most in recent years, having a great reception by users. Spotify knows that it has an advantage in this section and has not stopped incorporating new features that make it easier to stay, such as the creation of quality content such as timers, playback speed control so that you can enjoy this section within Spotify.

Spotify Podcast

In short, each user can use the application they like best and with which they feel most comfortable within their ecosystem. However, what you can be clear about is that you chooses Spotify or Apple Musicthe user experience is more than satisfactory enjoying your favorite albums and artists in an incredible way and with audio quality.