5 Spotify Features We Should Have in Apple Music

Apple Music has entered the music streaming services market with great force, where Spotify has always been the most predominant platform among all users. Well, today we want to tell you 5 things that Spotify has and that would be great for Apple’s music service.

This should have Apple Music

Without a doubt, the Cupertino company has done and is doing a splendid job with its streaming music service, in fact, proof of this is the large number of users who previously used other services and have now switched to Apple Music. However, as usual, nothing is perfect and there are certain points where, for example, Spotify is better.

For this reason, in this post we wanted to collect 5 things that are present in the green giant of music and that we believe that Apple Music should implement to further improve the user experience of all the people who use the music service on a daily basis. of the Cupertino company. We leave them below.

  • Something that Spotify has recently implemented is the possibility of also listen to podcast within the same app, in such a way that users can either listen to their favorite music or also their favorite podcast programs. This is something that Apple could implement, join its two applications so that users have everything within it.
  • the social section of Spotify is really evident, especially in the desktop version, where you can see live the songs that your friends are listening to, as well as visit their profiles to listen to their own playlists. Functionally this is also present in Apple Music, however it is really hidden within the interface and there are several steps that must be carried out to access it, so it would be a very good idea to make it much more accessible with a tab at the bottom of the app.
  • Another point that stands out a lot about Spotify and with which Apple Music has not yet fully seduced users is the interface. Spotify has a somewhat more modern and minimalist design than Apple Music, and it is something that the company’s app should also improve.

iPhone and Apple Music

  • The variety of playlists It is something that works very much in favor of Spotify, also favored by the large number of users who have been using this platform for years and years. Apple Music in this sense is not far behind, but the reality is that it does not reach the level of quantity and variety of playlists.
  • have one free version It is something that, from our point of view, would attract many more users to the service of the Cupertino company, just as Spotify does.

Is it better than Spotify?

This question has several answers, and as usual everything depends on the use made by users of said application, and above all, on the devices they use in their day to day to listen to music. For those people who have an ecosystem made up of teams from the Cupertino company, especially with the presence of the HomePod or HomePod miniApple Music is much more recommended.

Apple Music on iPhone

However, in the comparison between Apple Music and Spotify, the personal taste of each user also comes into play for the way each of the applications or services do things. Therefore, our recommendation, if you are thinking of using one of these two, is that you try them and decide which one you feel more comfortable with.