5 ways to increase the battery life of your iPhone

The battery life of the iPhone is a concern of the users because we do not know when we will need an extra charge to be able to finish the day, especially if we have been on the street all day. However, despite the fact that the autonomy of the iPhone has improved considerably in recent years, it is not infinite and for this reason, in this post we are going to see five ways to save battery on your iPhone easily.

iOS Features

Next, we are going to highlight some very interesting functions for improve the battery life of our iPhoneespecially if our device has been on the market for several years and therefore has a very degraded battery.

  • Use dark mode :eDark mode is a feature that inverts the colors on the screen, which means that the background turns black and the text turns white. This feature helps save power and protect your eyes, since black pixels do not require as much power as white pixels, and your eyes do not constantly absorb as much radiation. To activate the dark mode, you have to perform the following steps that we are going to describe below: open iPhone Settings, go to the Screen and Brightness option and, in it, click on the Appearance window and select “Dark”.

  • Application Updates: background updates are one of the processes that require the most power from the device, so it is very interesting to disable this option. For this, you have to perform the following steps: first, you have to go to the iPhone settings and, secondly, you go to the background update tab and deactivate the option.

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  • Automatic Updates: Another option that you can deactivate with “automatic updates” in order to prevent applications from being constantly updated, since this function, like the previous one, consumes a lot of energy, due to the fact that the iPhone is constantly downloading applications on background. To disable this option, you have to go to the iPhone Settings and search for the app from the App store. There, turn off the “update automatically” options

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  • “Raise to Activate”: This option is one of the most interesting functions of your iPhone when you pick it up, since it saves us the option of pressing the volume button that we have on the right side of our iPhone. While this feature is useful, it also consumes a lot of power, so if you have a very depleted battery and either aspect counts, you can turn this feature off. To do this, you have to go to Screen and brightness that is located in the Settings app of ours and deactivate the “Raise to activate” function.


Use third-party lock screen apps

In the App Store there are blocking applications that offer very interesting functions and that allow you to save battery and prevent further wear on the pixels. Specifically, we mean lock screen apps like widgetsmith either AcDisplay.

The first allows you to create custom widgets and add them to your iPhone’s lock screen. You can generate widgets to display the time, date, weather, and other custom information. Widgetsmith also allows you to customize the appearance of widgets with different fonts, colors, and themes.


The second application Lock Screen Cluboffers a variety of customization options for your lock screen. The app has a wide selection of high-quality wallpapers that you can use to personalize your lock screen. It also offers options for personalize the appearance of the time and date on the lock screen.


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lock screen 16