6 months using AirPods Pro 2, the good and the bad

The first thing I want to tell you is the reason why I chose the 2nd generation AirPods Pro as my main headphones for day to day, and that is that in the end, comfort and versatility are two fundamental points when purchasing a product. of this type. The AirPods Pro are small, comfortable, and in short, you can use them anytime, anywhere and for practically anything, which is why they are my bet for day to day.

The good

As a user of the 1st generation AirPods Pro, I have noticed a significant change in one of the main points to value in headphones such as sound quality. It is obvious that this second generation surpasses the first in many ways, but if I had to choose the most outstanding point, it would undoubtedly be the sound quality, since I consider that it is two or three steps above its predecessors, and that these were already quite good.

Obviously, another point that must be highlighted is noise cancellationAlthough I do not consider that it has made as big a leap as sound quality, it has improved and, above all, that improvement is noticeable, something that was not easy to achieve either since the 1st generation AirPods Pro already offered a really good noise cancellation.

AirPods Pro

Another aspect that I have noticed and that, of course, makes a difference in my day to day is the ability to turn the volume up and down through the earpiece. The gesture, although initially it seems somewhat complicated to perform, is very intuitive and, above all, very easy to carry out without problems, and of course it is something that the AirPods lacked, the possibility of controlling the volume without having to use an external device such as iPhone or Apple Watch.

Finally, another point that I have to highlight and that I have already mentioned at the beginning of the post, is the versatility that these headphones offer. I am also a user of the AirPods Max, but without a doubt, if I had to keep one, the AirPods Pro would be the immediate choice I would make, since I can use them all day to carry out any task I want.

The bad

Honestly I have to say that it is difficult for me to get any problem, failure or hit with this product from the Cupertino company, and that is why I am going to throw out a request that many users, including myself, have been asking Apple for some time . It is true that the design of these headphones is fantasticsince they have achieved their hallmark and, fortunately, Apple has not changed it, since it was one of the rumors that sounded strongly before its launch.

iPhone and AirPods Pro

Now, in the same way as with the AirPods Max, users have a palette, or rather, a wide palette of colors or finishes In which to choose your headphones, it is missing that the same thing happens with the AirPods Pro, at least, that they give the possibility of acquiring them in black or white, two colors that have always gone hand in hand with Apple.