60 Hz vs 120 Hz Can you really notice the difference on iPhones?

While The Pro models have 120 Hz, the basic ones remain at 60 Hz, a frequency that for many is ridiculous in the middle of 2024, and for which they do not dare to acquire them. So today we are going to check if it really is that big of a deal.

Is 60 Hz enough?

For several years now, Apple has been betting on that key difference between one model and another, which, along with the cameras, is the most differentiating thing between them, but is it noticeable? Well, it is difficult to visualize it through videos, however, let's try.

Anyway, after seeing the following example, I will give you my personal opinion, after driving both for a long time, since you don't realize something until you try a better one, since we have had 60 all our lives. Hz at most and they never seemed few to us.

In the video you can see how the iPhone Pro, with 120 Hz, hardly shows jerks, while at 60 Hz we see image jumpsHowever, this is in very slow motion, something that the eye does not appreciate as much in real time.

And me, which one do I choose?

Well, this is a matter of taste, since there will be people who give more importance to the battery, others to the cameras and others to the screen. However, being neutral, the screen of a normal iPhone at 60 Hz looks perfect, there are no jerks that we see in the video, and that is no reason not to choose it. Now, due to the price difference, especially in some models like the 13, I wouldn't stick with 60 Hz.

The 120 Hz of the Pro is noticeable, and a lot, when you try them. If you pick up a phone every week you won't notice, but if you're working with both at the same time, as happens to me, as soon as you put down the Pro and pick up the normal one, you think you're 20 years behind.

That is, would a 60 Hz iPhone fit me? Yes, but as long as I have a 120 Hz option for a slightly higher price, I will choose it, it seems to me that it is very noticeable, although separated you may not notice it as much. The experience is very different. And the thing is, who hasn't played the PlayStation 2? Play a game now, you will think it is broken, since the graphics, at that time, seemed great to us, however, now, they are ridiculous. Well, it's something similar.

Possibly, a 90 Hz iPhone would make a difference, and then I wouldn't tell you to go for a better one, it may lack that, a little more, without reaching 120 Hz, which may be excessive, but, at least, Today, 60 Hz falls shortand I, whenever I can, will go for more, since, in short, yes, it shows.