iOS’s rumored Assistant Interface for iPhone 5 gets demonstrated in a video

We have seen a lot of reports from different sources claiming that Apple will finally introduce advanced speech recognition technology in its popular smartphone. Based on reports from its sources MacRumors contacted Jan-Michael Cart to make a video for them to demonstrate this rumored new feature of iOS.

According to MacRumors its sources that are familiar with this new feature say that Assistant feature works as following:

When the user long presses the home button on his device a bar with mic button appears at the bottom of the screen just like the multitasking bar appears on double press of the home button, then a user can say his commands and the device will perform the requested function. MacRumors explains:

After receiving spoken commands, the Assistant shows you back the recognized text and then takes the next step. This could involve sending a text message (with confirmation) or pulling data from Wolfram Alpha. The feature is said to be one of the major differentiators for the next generation iPhone.

After watching the video (embedded below) i must say that this feature is very impressive indeed and i truly hope not only to see it in iPhone 5 but to see it in previous devices as well. According to MacRumors’ sources this is an iPhone 5 only feature but we will definitely know details about this on October 4.


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