iPhone 5: Here’s what to expect from Apple’s October 4 announcement

One of the hottest topics on the web these days is upcoming Apple iPhone 5. After months of delay in its arrival iFans are desperate to get their hands on this new Apple device. Now because it is so popular people with knowledge and those without it try to predict or get information on how exactly this new mysterious Apple gadget looks like. Last year iPhone 4 was lost and found by Gizmodo who spoiled Apple chance of surprising people with its best iPhone ever. But this year the story is totally different, no one has a clear knowledge about what iPhone 5 looks like. The only thing we have right now is a bunch of rumors and guesses, and only God knows about their authenticity. Here in this post we will try to look what Apple is going announce on October 4 in the light of rumors.

Thinner and Lighter design

Apple is a company obsessed with the thinness and lightness of their portable devices. iPod touch is crazy thin, iPad 2 is thinner and lighter than the previous iPad. So after looking at the current line up of iOS device it is safe to say that Apple will remove some fatness and weight from the iPhone as well. If rumors are to be believed then the new iPhone might look something like the mock up in the image above.

Larger Screen

iPhone 4 features a very beautiful Retina Display screen that is still the best one out there. But 3.5-inch screen is small for many reasons. Now it is expected that Apple will add a larger screen in its next iPhone and iPhone 5 will feature a 4-inch screen.


Rumors circulating on the web are pretty clear and firm about this one and of course one could easily guess that we will get an upgraded camera in the new version of iPhone. According to the most consistent rumors about iPhone 5′s camera, we will have an 8-Megapixel camera at the back and a 2 megapixel front camera for HD FaceTime chat.

Processor and RAM

iPhone 4 carries a very impressive A4 chip that runs on 1GHz speed, but Apple wants to take the processing in iPhone 5 to the next level. It has already added Dual-Core A5 chip into iPad 2 and now we can expect that happening with the iPhone 5 as well. This upgrade will allow faster graphics, faster processing, and better and more powerful apps for users. It is also rumored that Apple will upgrade iPhone’s RAM to 1GB in this new model.

Assistant Feature

This is dubbed as the ‘killer feature’ of Apple’s new iPhone. It will allow users to simply tell their iPhone what to do by saying the commands. For example if you are driving and want to send a text to your friend then you can simply long press the home button of your device and then say “Send SMS to John” then you can say what you want to write in that SMS and tap the Send button. This feature could be used for a number of other things as well.

4G Capability

It is a capability most iPhone users would want and i think the time has finally arrived when we can enjoy the high speeds of 4G on our iPhones. There are many 4G capable Android phones available in the market so a 4G iOS device is inevitable at this moment if it has to compete in the market of 4G devices.

Apple’s Let’s talk iPhone’ event is not far away and we will know everything related to iPhone 5 this October 4. We will be covering the event as it unfolds so don’t forget to visit us and follow us on Twitter @ThinkiOS

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