Surveys are a very useful tool to know what the trend is about an aspect or to know general information about a certain population. There are many surveys dedicated to a very wide audience. Many of these surveys, especially in the United States, come from large firms of independent banks or investment funds that allow almost direct access to a large part of the population. The new survey of young people in the United States, created by Piper Sandler, has determined that 87% of young people in the US have an iPhone and 88% have in mind that their next mobile will be an iPhone.

87% of young people in the US have an iPhone and 88% believe that an iPhone will be their next mobile

Piper Sandler is an independent US investment bank and financial services, public offering, public finance and securities research firm. Among its many purposes is the Bi-annual survey of Generation Z that is carried out biannually to more than 14,000 young people in the United States.

In this survey, young people are asked about many aspects of their daily lives. Among these aspects, they asked consumption models, what do they spend their saved money on, what brands do they decide to spend more savings on or what is their average salary if they work. Also on the time spent consuming video games, virtual reality, as well as cataloging which are the main influencers or entertainment media most consumed by young people whose average study age is 15.8 years.

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The main data that is thrown around smartphones is that the 87% of those surveyed have an iPhone in their possession. Secondly, 88% of young people intend to buy an iPhone when you go to change terminal. If we change the third and go to the smartwatch sector, only the 31% of young people own an Apple Watch.

These data represent growth compared to years ago. If we take the information from 2012, at that time only 40% of those surveyed had an iPhone.