Apple’s cheaper iPhone 4 spotted in Brazilian Foxconn factory

Gizmodo Brazil has posted photos of what seems to be a cheaper version of iPhone that will be announced this year. As you can see in the image above, the front panels of this new ‘cheaper iPhone’ look exactly like today’s iPhone 4 which clearly means that Apple will release a cheaper version of iPhone 4 alongside its new iPhone 5. It is expected that Apple will release this new cheaper iPhone 4 in 8GB storage model to adjust the pricing of the device just like it did with iPhone 3GS last year.

This model found by Gizmodo Brazil in Brazilian Foxconn factory carries a model number ‘N90A’, that has already been rumored to represent the cheaper version of iPhone 4 by many reports. This leak also means that Apple will be releasing its first ever iPhone this year that will have ‘Assembled in Brazil’ written on its back instead of China.

[Gizmodo/Gizmodo Brazil]

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