A cheaper iPhone 15 Plus is always welcome

The iPhone 15 Plus has managed to position itself as a device balanced between larger hardware, but at a much lower price than what we would be paying if we went for an iPhone 15 Pro Max. Its 6.7-inch screen, together with the renewed design of the Dynamic Island, or its Apple A16 processor make it a powerful, quality device that is very capable of anything. And now, to all the benefits it brings, we have to add an additional discount that is available through Amazon.

When we talk about saving on the purchase of a new iPhone, going for a next-generation device is usually an option to rule out right off the bat, since the starting price usually remains unchanged. However, it is through. third-party and authorized distributors where we find small discounts that can be an incentive to opt for the company's latest advances.

In this case, the iPhone 15 Plus takes between. us less than four months. And if we want to take advantage of all the new functions, tools and improvements that have been incorporated from the first year of launch, both at the hardware and operating system level, this phone will allow us to do so, but with a much larger battery and screen. larger than those found in the base model. So, having said all this, below we are going to let you know which model we can currently find for less money, through the official Amazon website.

This iPhone 15 Plus model will cost you less on Amazon

The iPhone 15 plus with 128GG of internal storage space and Blue color has a regular price in the Apple Store of 1,109 euros. However, now through Amazon we can find it for a lower amount, thanks to a discount that will make us pay for it only 1,069 euros. Therefore, although we are only talking about a 40 euro direct discount, it already implies paying less for the same new generation device, and only for the fact of purchasing it through a store that is not the official sales channel.

The iPhone 15 Plus is another improvement on everything we already knew about the iPhone 14 Plus. To begin with, the screen embraces the Dynamic Island for the first time in the standard range, while the processors are the same as those we saw last year in the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. To all this, one of the big changes that we have been able to see in this generation is the standard USB type C connector. We say goodbye to Lightning and all the limitations that it implied, so now we have a much larger range available with which we can expand the uses of this device. From connecting peripherals and accessories compatible with USB type C, to taking advantage of the Display Port function, with which thanks to a compatible USB type C cable we will be able to duplicate the image of the phone screen on an external monitor.

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