A court rules in favor of Apple in a controversial Apple Watch matter

Apple and its watch, the Apple Watch, have given us a lot to talk about in recent months. In addition to everything that has happened with Masimo, there is also another company that has faced several disputes with the Californians: AliveCor. And now a court has ruled in favor of the apple company. Do you want to know all the details of what happened? We are going to tell you about them in this article!

It was the English-speaking news outlet 9to5Mac who reported what happened. In this case, the court battle has had to do with competition over what other companies can do with the watch data. More specifically, and as they explain, “AliveCor has alleged that Apple has restricted third-party access to certain heart-related metricsa move which was considered anti-competitive in the lawsuit.

This is not the same legal problem (still unresolved) that AliveCor and Apple have, regarding the electrocardiogram sensor of Apple Watches. It is a completely different issue, in which Apple has now emerged victorious.

What happened between Apple and AliveCor?

According to what is reported from the media, “the case focused on the improvements that Apple released in watchOS 5, regarding the heart metrics algorithm, in 2018″. Before this move occurred, the watch used a system called “Heart Rate Paht Optimizer”, while later it changed to “Heart Rate Neural Network”. And what problem did this represent for AliveCor?

According to them, this change in the algorithm “damaged” the experience when using the SmartRythm function, which was present in the watch application. But the thing didn't stop there. Three years later, well into 2021, AliveCor said that “Apple should have continued providing heart metrics data from the Apple Watch, as it did before watchOS 5.” However, this was not carried out because the new algorithm they used was sophisticated enough and, therefore, it was no longer necessary.

To this element we must also add that the Californians provided this data through the Workout Session API, which was included in watchOS 5.

In favor of Apple, and without judgment

In this legal dispute between Apple and AliveCor, the American justice system sees no indication that this behavior violates competitive practices. Hence, directly, they have ruled in favor of Apple and no trial is going to be held, and with only the evidence and allegations that have been presented so far.

ecg apple watch

Therefore, in this particular dispute, the Californians are right. However, it is not the only open front that both companies have, since it remains to be seen what is going to happen with the electrocardiogram function. The ECG sensor of the Apple Watch is the object of the conflict. And in this case, a situation very similar to that of Masimo occurs: patent infringement. However, this topic goes down a completely different path.