A curious photo of Steve Jobs tells us a lot about what he was like

On February 24, Steve Jobs would have turned 68 if it weren’t for the fact that a terrible illness prevented us from continuing to share his way of living and understanding life with him. The Apple co-founder always showed himself as a restless person who wanted to learn and always remained hungry for any situation in life. Last Friday, the Steve Jobs Archive shared a photo showing Steve looking at a person using the newly released Mac, released in 1984. The photo It tells us a little about what Jobs was like in his day to day.

In 1984, what would be the most revolutionary computer in every way was launched into the world. The Mac was the precursor, not only of a different concept of computer, but also the origin of the end of the monopoly in the field of computers. We had a concept thought out down to the smallest detail, created, among others, by a person who loved what he did and thought that perfection was found in the small details. Steve Jobs had created a new trend.

That year, his friend Jean Pigozzi was with him in New Orleans and noticed that Steve had stopped in front of a window where a woman was working on her computer. But it was not just any computer, it was the new Mac launched by it. He was curious about how he was using that lady the Mac. For this he did not hesitate to bend his back as much as he could. Pigozzi took out the camera and captured the moment in which a whole marvel of nature was lost. before a fact inconsequential to the naked eye.

The photographer himself explained that he was able to capture that photo due to Jobs’s own way of being. A hungry person with a desire to always learn. That was later confirmed with the speech he gave at the University. Stay hungry, stay foolish. But that again is seen in the message sent by the current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, last 24. Cook recalls that he has never met anyone with the desire to learn from Steve Jobs. That desire made him be who he was. He was made teacher and apprentice at the same time. That is perhaps why, reflects Tim Cook, Steve Jobs was so great. Not only as a person but as a professional.

From all this we could draw a good moral. Don’t stay with the desire to learn. Be insatiable, don’t stay behind. Always look ahead, ask what you don’t know, because asking doesn’t mean that you don’t know something, what it means is that you want to learn. Always be alert with the news, learn all you canTrain yourself and be better every day in everything you do. Not only as a person, which is essential, but as a professional. It doesn’t matter what you do or invest your time in, always try to improve. It is the only way to achieve the goals.