A deep and romantic look at the iPhone 15 cameras

One of the sections where Apple has placed the most emphasis is on the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera, one of the best on the market and which, as difficult as it may seem, year after year continues to improve and surpass itself, becoming one of the best options for 2023 and 2024. In this article, We are going to analyze in depth what the day-to-day life of these cameras is like and how fascinating their results have been. Keep reading, it is an article worth reading in depth.

The best camera in the history of iPhones

Apple’s main camera is fantastic in virtually all lighting conditions, but thanks to Apple’s new processor, the A17 Pro chip, colors are even more accurate and true than before. HDR has been improved thanks to Smart HDR 5 so skin tones become much more real even in low light conditions, giving much more vivid tones.

Photos default to 24 megapixels instead of the 12 megapixels included in the previous generation, meaning you have to default much more details and higher quality with a contained size.

Thanks to the new Apple processor that we have mentioned previously, you can choose between different focal lengthsincluding 24, 28, and 35 mm, to achieve the photographic quality you are looking for depending on the lens.

Night Mode and Optical Zoom

Although the night mode on the base iPhone 15 has taken a qualitative leap compared to the previous generation, in its professional version it has been incredibly superior. In this sense, the iPhone 15 Pro, even in night mode, allows take a portrait image without having to change modes, just like you can do with a pet in a photo.

Now, without a doubt, the biggest change in the iPhone 15 Pro compared to the previous generation is the x5 optical zoom which replaces the lens with x3 optical zoom. The Zoom lens is the equivalent of a 120mm telephoto lens, which has an excellent focal length for cutting-edge image quality and can be executed practically at the touch of a button.

From a practical point of view, the x5 lens is a much more suitable option for everyday shotsespecially when there are people and pets involved and above all, they have a very top blur which combines very well with the portrait function.

Now, this does not end here, since whoever acquires the Pro models They are users looking for professional performance and in video recording, the iPhone 15 Pro Max continues to be a true marvel. In this sense, the possibility of recording in Pro Res mode allows for better HDR and simpler post-production adjustments.

These are just a few reflections we have about the iPhone 15 Pro Max and that serves as a worm for a photographic comparison between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the iPhone 15 of this humble servant, which we will analyze in depth the results of both units.