A foldable iPad by 2024 according to Kuo

After the rumors of a foldable iPhone in the more Samsung style, we have the rumor of a foldable iPad. The rumor comes from Kuo, the Apple analyst who has the most successes and one of the most popular in the media, so it is not a bad idea to pay attention to this rumor and accept it as good. If the predictions come true, it is likely that we will have an iPad that closes in a more clamshell style next year. Now the million dollar question is, do you really need something like this? The answer can be very different, especially since right now we have little general information about the new device.

Apple analyst and one of those with the highest hit rate, Kuo, has revealed that it is more than likely that Apple will launch a new device next year. It is a new iPad. Right now, you may be thinking that a new model is released every year, but according to this rumor, the iPad that will be launched will be foldable and made of carbon, nothing more and nothing less.

As always, the information is provided by the analyst through the social network Twitter and through a series of messages drops the idea that in 2024, Apple will launch a new folding iPad with carbon stand. In those messages, Kuo says that It is “sure” that it will be released in 2024 but we don’t know exactly when. The time window is very wide, so we have 365 days, 12 months in which we can see that launch. Although the normal thing and as usual is that it does so in the last quarter of the year.

Now, if we go back in time, we see that there has already been an analyst specializing in screens, Ross Young, who said that the American company was preparing a 20-inch folding screen. It could perfectly be the new iPad. But what happens is that it will not be ready until ayear 2026 or 2027. So there we have a very important dysfunction between the two predictions. Either they don’t match, or one of the two is wrong.

As always, in these cases, it is matter of time.