A former Apple lawyer manages to avoid prison

Apple's policy regarding its internal confidentiality is very strict. Everything that is known about their advances and future products that they have not released to the market is possible thanks to registered patents and leaks. On the official part of the company, on very rare occasions, we see that they make announcements of things that are yet to come. Internal information is very well protected, and if you cross the line, as a company employee, it can lead you to the doors of prison.

Several English-speaking news media have reported on the case of Gene Levoff, who at the time was a lawyer for the company, and was on the verge of going to prison.

He used privileged and confidential information to his advantage

Gene Levoff was Apple's corporate law director at the time of 2018. And the person who was supposed to ensure the correct and ethical use of the company's confidential information and prevent it from falling into unauthorized hands. , was the same person who used that same confidential information to obtain favorable treatment.

Levoff, who was fired in September 2018, five months before he was charged in the cases, was in a trial that could have put him in prison. From Appleinsider they explain that the former lawyer faced a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a fine of 5 million for each of the six cases of fraud.

Finally, it has been possible to know the sentence for which he will only have to serve four years of probation, 2,000 hours of community service and two fines, one of $30,000 and the other of $604,000, according to a statement published by the Reuters agency.

At first, the former director tried to avoid the causes, until finally he was able to admit his guilt in six cases of fraud. But why?

Levoff numbers

It has been learned that between 2011 and 2016, thanks to these dealings with inside information, he obtained around $227,000 for his pocket, and also avoided a figure of up to $377,000 in losses. “He was able to make these moves thanks to his early access to sales reports and secret sales figures,” they explain from Appleinsider.

From the Reuters agency they also announce that the figures in which the transactions carried out between 2011 and 2026 moved were 14 million dollars.